Who is God the Almighty?

Who is God the Almighty?

The word ‘Allah’ is the unique name of God. He is The One and Only, the Absolute & Eternal God. He is the creator of the Heavens and Earth, the creator of the Universe. He is the Lord of all lords, King of all kings. He is the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. Allah Neither Begets, nor Is He Begotten. And He knows no equal.

The word Allah translates to mean God. Allah is not a foreign God and does not bear a foreign name. Allah, rather, is the semantic term for God. Regardless of this fact, some people harbor the mistaken belief that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews do; and that ‘Allah’ is simply the ‘God of the Arabs’. This is far from the truth. The word “Allah” is simply the Arabic name that connotes God. Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians use this same word to refer to God. If one were to peruse an Arabic translation of the Bible, one would see the word “Allah” being employed in place of the term “God.” However, Muslims, Christians, and Jews all have different concepts of God. Muslims and Jews both reject the Christian beliefs of the Trinity, as well as the Divine incarnation. This, however, does not mean that each of these three religions worships a different God. There is only One true God.

Muslims believe in one, unique, incomparable God, who has no son, no family, and no partner. None should be worshipped but Him alone. He is the true God, and every other deity is false. God is unique, indivisible and similar to nothing. Whenever you try to compare God to anything in this world, it cannot be God; because God, to put it simply is incomparable. God as a concept cannot be fully comprehended and grasped by our finite human minds. For this reason, Muslims avoid conceptualizing His image, because imagining or visualizing Him would equal limiting Him.Allah_is_one_God_is_oneGod has a unique nature. God is free from any kind of weakness; He is beyond anything which human beings can imagine. No one has the right to be invoked, supplicated, prayed to, or shown any act of worship, but Allah alone. Allah has Power over all things. No other power, nor might, nor strength, nor influence, can cause benefit or harm to anyone or anything, except that which flows through Him. Nothing can happen unless God wills it to be so. God states in the Qur an:

Whenever We will anything to be, We say unto it Our word “Be” and it is” (Quran 16:40)

God is the King, the Holy, the one free from all defects. The Protector, the Keeper, the Sustainer of Earth and the Universe and all it contains. He is the Glorious, the Great, the Deserver of all Praise. The kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth belong to Him. Nothing is hidden from Him and Nothing is beyond His capabilities. He is the Lord and Master of the physical Universe and the Ruler and Lawgiver of human life.

Allah is the creator of everything from atoms to galaxies, from the smallest of animals to the largest. He is the Director of all that is created. It is He who heats and brightens the Earth, varies the direction of the winds, makes a man’s heartbeat, provides air for a man to breathe, and restrains planets in their separate orbits. He is the one that merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night. He is the Master of the Day of Judgement. Allah does not rest nor slumber, nor does fatigue overtake Him. He, after all, created the universe in 6 days with no rest.

Some people assume that God, as perceived in the faith of Islam, is a harsh, stern, cruel God; one who demands to be respected, worshipped, and obeyed fully, and is not loving and kind to His creation. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is All-Loving. In fact, He claims among His names Al-Wadoud in Arabic (the All-Loving). The love of God in the Holy Qur an is expressed and emphasized many times throughout His Book. The entire Universe and everything it contains is proof of Allah’s love for all of His creation. He loves us so much that He gave us an endless variety of foods, a vast array of land and wildlife, the sun, the moon, the stars, family, offspring, and much more. Everything one sees, feels, hears, tastes, and smells are all forms of blessings, given to us by our Loving Creator. He didn’t have to do this, but He chose to bestow these blessings upon us. His unbounded mercy encompasses everything.

And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful” (Quran 16:18)

On the other hand, God is also Just. Hence, evildoers and sinners must be held accountable for their actions. God is Holy, Righteous, and Fair. If He didn’t impose a punishment for evil, He would be allowing that evil to exist without consequences. Since God cannot let that happen, His justice requires that a proper punishment is incurred and executed for evil sins. Although Allah is not answerable to anyone, He has promised nonetheless to be just and fair to everyone. God states in His Book:

Allah does not do injustice of the weight of an atom. And, if it is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a good reward” (Quran 4:40)

God has an infinite number of names and has a special category of 99 names listed in the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Of His names is The Ever-Merciful, The Forgiving, The Loving, The Nourisher, The Sustainer, The Compassionate, The Exalter, The Just, The Great, The Protector, The Caregiver, The Ever-Living, The Powerful, The First, The Last, The Pardoner, The Light, The Supporter, The Eternal, The Preserver, The Wise, The Originator, and The One Who Gives Life and Resurrects. God has perfect attributes. He has a limitless and infinite hearing, vision, mercy, and—above all–love.Who is Allah_Who_is_GodGod is very near. He sees and knows every aspect of His creations. He hears every word that is uttered. He is knowledgeable of even one’s inner thoughts. God knows all of our dreams, secrets, desires, and wishes. Nothing is hidden from Him.

We created man and We know what his own self-whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein” (Quran 50:36)

Allah is Perfect.

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