Islamic Online References

Islamic Academic/ Educational:

Why Islam: Online resource for information about The Religion of Islam

Understand Islam: Resource to Help One Understand Islam

IslamWay: Contains Quran, Lessons, Videos, Fatwas (Islamic rulings), Articles, & e-books on Islam

Islam Basics: E-Library on basics of Islam

Islam Q&A: Public Islamic Questions w/ Answers from Islamic Scholars

Islam House: The largest and the most authentic free reference to introduce Islam in many languages

Islam Religion: Great Sources of Islamic articles, videos, e-books in a number of languages

Islamic Universities/ Schools:

Bayyinah Institute: Features over 2,000 hours of Islamic content which aims to connect people to the Holy Quran

AlMaghrib Institute: Provides premier Islamic Education to the largest student body in the English language

Learn To Read Quran: Learn to Read The Holy Quran w/ one on one classes and/or interactive classes

Zaytuna College: First accredited Muslim undergraduate College in the USA. A liberal arts college in the Bay Area.

Madinah Arabic: Free Online Arabic Course

Al Kauthar Institute: Pioneering academic Islamic education provider of Islamic Studies in the English language

Islamic University of Al-Madinah: One of the World’s Leading Islamic Universities

Islamic Online University: Islamic Online University with Accredited Degree Programs

Arabic Online: Learn Modern Standard Arabic

Muslim Academy: Online Elementary School courses to prepare students for success in middle school & beyond

Islamic Classes: Free online Islamic classes

Social Media:

Turn To IslamMuslim Social Network helping people learn and share Isla


TheSincereSeeker: An online platform with Islamic videos & articles aiming to get people closer to God & The Quran

Productive Muslim: Aims to help Muslims become more productive individually & as an Ummah (community)

Muslim Matters

The Muslim Girl

Iqra Sense

Muslimah Bloggers

Healing Hearts

Productive Muslim

Islam Women

Islamic Videos:

Peace TV

The Deen Show

Halal Tube

Guide Us TV

Islam Channel TV

Quran Wiki

Quranic Audio

Quran Explorer



Reddit Islam: Online forum with everything to do with Islam and Muslims

Ummah Forum

Turn To Islam Community

Islamic Teachings Forum


CAIR: Muslim civil rights and advocacy group who Aims to be the leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding

YouTube Channels:

The Sincere Seeker:  an online platform that features animated videos about God, Islam, & The Holy Quran

Merciful Servant

The Silent Repenter

Prophets Path

Yaseen Media

Mufti Menk

Islamic Donation Websites:

Islamic Relief USA

Launch Good

Islamic Relief


Islamic Mobile Apps:

Muslim Pro App

Athan Pro App

Quran Pro App

Learning Salah App

Halal trip App

Salat Learning App

Islamic GPS App

Hadith Collection App

Ramadan Legacy App

Zabiha App

Scan Halal App

Quran Majeed App

Hajj App Guide App

Al-Quran App

MP3 Quran App

Learn Quran App


Dawah is Easy

Dawah Monthly Magazine

New Converts

Islam Religion

New Muslim Guide

Muslim Converts

Buy Islamic Wear:


East Essence

Austere Attire

Shukr Clothing


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Buy Hijab:

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